Whether you have already completed invisalign or your treatment is still in process, we want to hear what you think! Please post your opinions here whether good, bad, happy or sad! Help others that are considering getting invisalign by telling us your unbiased opinions and reviews!


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  1. Lisa G. says:

    I completed my invisalign treatment several months ago and in my opinion, it was worth every penny! I wore the aligners for 11 months just as my orthodontist estimated. I am thrilled with the results! I can’t say my teeth were in really bad condition, but there were a few teeth that stuck out which I wanted fixed. Overall, I am very happy and would recommend invisalign to anyone. I knew people who wore metal braces and complained of excruciating pain. I can’t say invisalign was super painful, but it did hurt on the first day of each new tray. I’d put in the new trays before bed time, pop 2 advils, and go to sleep…never lost any sleep over the pain. I also liked that I was able to brush my teeth and floss as I normally do, as I know people with braces had a hard time keeping good oral hygiene. 5 STARS!!!!

  2. Manisha says:

    I’m never really been that happy with my teeth, and I didn’t think i’d ever be eligible for braces because my front tooth broke a few years ago and I was required to have a crown put on top of it, which made my smile look even worse! Even though I liked my smile I hated my teeth if that makes sense!

    I am due to get married in May 2011 and someone told me about invisalign, I looked it up and made myself an appointment to see if they could actually work for me, to my surprise I was eligible! The dentist told me it would take about 6-9 months including refinements, so I went for it!

    I have been really happy with the results so far, I’m on tray 10 of 12 on top and 13 on the bottom and to me it’s worth every penny, you can spend thousands of £’s on makeup, hair stuff etc but a smile and confidence is something that you will live with forever so that’s how I justified the cost!

    Invisalign takes a great deal of commitment and will power, you have to wear the aligners for 22 hours a day in order for it to be effective. This can be difficult if you’re in situations where everyone is snacking etc, and some people don’t understand that you just cannot eat with them in! Also having to brush after every meal can be a pain!

    I also had quite bad dental hygiene, my gums would bleed a lot and were always very tender, I had a couple of hygienist appintments thrown in with my treatment and I can tell you it’s the best thing I ever did…! My teeth and gums are in such good condition because I brush and floss after every meal! I have become much more aware of dental hygiene and how important it is for long term health.

    In terms of the pain, honestly I haven’t really felt too much! Sometimes it hurts on the first day (I put my new aligners in overnight so my teeth move and in the morning it doesnt hurt anymore). I think if it hurts too much, then maybe keep the aligner from the week before in for an extra day.

    I have had to have IPR on some teeth and this isn’t pleasant, but necessary if you have overcrowded teeth, this means the dentist uses a file – either electric or manual to create small gaps in between your teeth. Although it’s not pleasant it only lasts a few minutes and is bearable.

    Overall I would completely recommend Invisalign. Be sure to check the website to ensure you use a platinum certified invisalign dentist.

    Good luck!

    • lucia says:

      hi manisha, i’m in the similar situation as you were. my front tooth has cracked (under the gum) and i’ve been told if i wanted to wear braces they will have to extract the tooth and for the time being they would put a fake tooth in invisalign tray. i’m trying to save the root of my tooth if possible and wanted to have a post and crown put on the top of my root, to avoid the tooth extraction and having an implant. could you please tell me if you were able to wear invisalign on your crown as i’ve been told that the crown will break away if i wear braces.
      thank you very much. looking forward to your reply.

  3. Mandy says:

    I am on tray 6 of 13, and so far, so good! My teeth have changed dramatically in just the small amount of time I’ve been wearing them. In high school, all of my friends were wearing metal braces- and I was completely against metal in my mouth, so I figured that if I waited long enough, something new/better would come out or I’d just get over it.. good thing I waited! With Invisalign, I can take them for eating and going out on dates and even to job interviews- as long as I brush and put them back in ASAP. The first tray was hard to get use to, I had trouble getting it off of my teeth and out of my mouth, but by the second week, I was a pro at it. I had to get IPR at first, which could be tcompared to chewing aluminum foil, where the dentist filed my teeth down due to overcrowding and easier alignment. Before I change each tray, I usually take some excedrine for the pressure, and I do this at night time- so that I can put them in before I go to sleep and let my teeth adjust to the feeling of new trays. I would recommend Invisalign to anyone, even though some may take longer than others.

  4. Clay says:

    I have been using Invisalign for about 4 months now and am very pleased with my decision! I have always had really bad teeth, especially on the bottom. The main problem was crowding cause by my wisdom teeth that weren’t removed until I was 23 (by the way, if any of you are or have teenagers, make sure you make them take care of those wisdom teeth early! It will save you a lot of money).
    I’m no journalist so I will just make this as simple as possible and go over the pros and cons of Invisalign:
    - Obviously, they are CLEAR! When I tell people I am using Invisalign, usually when I decline a gum offer LOL, literally every single person says “oh wow! you cant even tell you are wearing them.” This is of course the main reason why we all wanted Invisalign in the first place, right?

    - Removable. I have never had braces, but I can imagine how irritating it must be to excavate the food out of them after a day of enjoying BBQ, or any food for that matter. It’s great to just pop them out when you want to eat.

    - Less trips to the orthodontist. Instead of going in every few weeks to have your braces cranked tighter, your orthodontist will give you 3 or 4 sets of trays to take home and a schedule to tell you when to change them.

    - Forced dental hygiene. Even though they are removable, you still have to carry floss everywhere you go! It’s quite noticeable and irritating when you put the trays back in without flossing. So, though it seems like a nuisance, we all know it’s actually the best thing for us that it makes us take better care of our teeth.

    - Weight management. Yep! Every time you look at food, you can’t help but to think of the work its going to take to take the trays out and find a place to floss, so you end up just passing on all those unnecessary calories, which leads to weight loss, which leads to better health, which makes you happy, which makes you smile…..and that’s especially great because hey, you’re going to be doing a lot of smiling when you’re done!

    CONS (hardly)

    - They HURT! Your teeth will be very sore after you put in new trays – but this isn’t unique to Invisalign, it’s virtually the same feeling you would get after the Orthodontist adjusts your braces. And it will go away within a few days.

    - Speech. You have to take a day or two to get used to speaking clearly while wearing your aligners. You never realize how much you push air through your front teeth when you speak until they are blocked off! Again, it goes away and you get used to it; though I still have a hard time with my F’s.

    - Inconvenient. Aside from the weight management and dental hygiene, sometimes they can be just a down right inconvenience. But so are braces, and braces are uglier and can’t be removed. So, depending on your perspective, they can in fact be quite convenient!

    -Price. You get when you pay for. Invisalign does cost more than traditional braces but with good reason. A cast is created of your teeth and is sent to a lab where they plan out how they are going to move your teeth and then design the trays. These people are smart, which means they aren’t cheap. Everyone will pay a different price, depending on your situation and how many aligners you will need.

    One thing you will have to figure out is how to clean your aligners as they can hang on to plaque quite easily. Everyone finds different ways but here’s a few pointers:
    1.) Every few days, while brushing your teeth, simply dab some toothpaste on your trays and give them a good scrub. This is the most effective way of cleaning them in my opinion.

    2.)Get some denture cleaning tablets and soak your trays while you are eating dinner every night. The bubbles help keep them clean and most tablets kill bacteria as well. You can also use Listerine or hydrogen peroxide.

    So there ya go! As you might have guessed, I’m a big fan of Invisalign and would recommend everyone go this route, you will be very happy you did. Good luck!

    • Lissette says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t wait to get mine on. I hate my smile b/c of my teeth, and I can’t wait to have a boost of confidence once they are off.


    • me says:

      Don’t use listerine, it will warp the aligners. I’d recommend brushing them whenever you brush your teeth.

    • Bobbi-Jean says:

      Hi Clay,
      Just wanted to say I enjoyed your review on invisalign. I am starting the treatment late October. I had a lot of questions and thoughts about this, and you have answered them all with a bit of humor.

  5. Simia says:

    I started my treatment back in March of this year. The cost for me was $4500. I am currently on aligner 16 of 18 for the top. I completed treatment on my bottom teeth with aligner 12. In November I will find out if I will need a refinement. I am very happy with my results. I just wish I was able to do this sooner. The one thing I’ll say that I don’t like are the buttons that are attached to my teeth. I’ll be very happy to get those off. Even thought taking them out to eat and drink might be an inconvience my teeth are definately more whiter from all the brushing. I also find soaking the aligner in denture cleaner works great. This was definately a great investment for me!

  6. Jatinder says:

    I am going to complete my invisalign and am just waiting for retainers. It was one of the greatest experiences of life. Due to invisibility of aligners, it went unnoticed that i wore aligners. I wore 9 on top and 9 on bottom. I liked that I can eat, brush and floss as I normally do. To be honest, I never experienced a hard time as I wore aligners except for some pain when I changed trays or sometimes made a mistake one time when I put the trays under hot water so they got messed up etc. I highly recommend invisalign but it is important for users to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before going to bed . At last I can say it also worked to keep my body fit. While wearing aligners I avoid eating sometimes during the day, did not want to go through the hassle of removing and placing aligners in the mouth again and again, so bottom line it can work to keep your body slim and trim and that is good for health.

  7. Razan says:

    I’ve had invialign for almost 8 months now, im on my second last aligner and im putting my last one on this thursday. I am very happy with the result i have gotten from them and I would reccomend them to anyone who need braces. Although when i first got them back in march, it was a bit stressful having to take them off every time i ate, but i still did it until one day i was over and people’s house and i was offered food, i didnt want to take them off , so i just tried eating with them on. and it was fine. it was alot easier for me after that because when i ate in public i didnt have to go through the hassle of taking them off. but to keep them clean, after a whole day of being at school and eating with them on, when i would come home i would take them off and brush my teeth and also (with a separate toothbrush) brush my invisaligns. i use a small bit of toothpaste and i just brush them. I found this every effective as a person that really hated taking them off and putting them on in public. I love my invialign and i think im acctually gona miss them when im done. But i wont miss the pain i get when i first put on a new aligner. Anyways so i hope i have helped with my info :)

  8. Brenna Bentley says:

    I will finish my treatment in exactly one week and I LOVE Invisalign! I wore the bottom ones for 8 months and the top for 18 months…would have been 3 years with traditional metal braces. The cost was only $175.00 more than the traditional braces would have been and my teeth look amazing.

    I am a local teen actress and model and I would not have had neatly as much work with traditional metal braces. I loved the fact that I could take them out to eat and clean my teeth. I have never had a cavity and I still don’t.

    The orthodontist was really honest with me and my mom. A lot of teens will lose their trays or not wear them enough hours. As I was an incoming freshman in high school, and so many of my friends were already getting their braces off, I vowed I would be good. I was and never lost a set and wore them as I should.

    Really, there was never a downside to them for me! I highly recommend them. I did have friends that tried to warn me against them,…saying they wouldn’t work as well…and they now are eating their words! :D

    If they will work for you it is worth it. Just don’t lose them and wear them and in no time you will have a beautiful smile!

    Good luck!

    • Rose says:

      Hi,you said yours cost $175.00 I’m wondering if it would be the same for me because I am planning on getting them. I don’t have many problems just one which is spacing at the top? Thank you (:

  9. Myra says:

    Thanks everyone for your awesome feedback on invisalign.
    I start this week and I cannot wait to see the results!
    One question that I did have for those who have completed the process. My dentist indicated to me that at the end of the process I would need to wear a retainer every night or a wire brace can be placed permanently in my mouth to keep my teeth from moving. Which one would anyone recommend?

  10. Spring Neal says:

    I am three weeks away from completing my Invisalign treatment. So far so good! I am actually very impressed with the results. I was a ‘limited case’ with one small space between my front two teeth, and a slight overcrowding on one side as a result. Then on the bottom there was a similar issue.

    At this point the top space and crowding is GONE!!!! However, Im slightly concerned that a new space has ‘appeared’ on the side of my upper teeth. Also, one tooth, again on the side, seems to have twisted to assist in closing the front gap….NOT TOO SURE ABOUT THAT!

    As for the bottom all seems well at this point.

    I have found that I am more comfortable with the aligners in my mouth because I have a tendency to clench during the day. I am a college professor so I speak all day long and have had NO issues at all with speech, or hygiene….I assume this is an issue if you had speech or hygiene issues to start with.

    Yes the buttons are slightly unbcomfotable but seriously would you want BRACES???

    Good luck and I hope to post some pictures soon, because so far my smile is looking picture perfect!


    • Di James says:

      Just curious to know how your teeth ended up. I’ve got the same issue, just a space between my two front teeth. I’m considering Invisalign but haven’t signed up yet. How many months did you wear them? Would appreciate your feedback.

  11. katelyn says:

    Best thing ever, no problems at all.

    You have to be committed and wear them all of the time. When you do you will see the best results. My jaw was narrow and it completely widened out with invisalign.

    I would also recommend getting 2 or 3 opinions on it from various doctors because they will all tell you different things.

    Also the best way to keep them clean is to use breath rx mouthwash and a tooth brush.

  12. Pat says:

    This was someone elses question but I would also like an answer to it if any one can help
    ‘One question that I did have for those who have completed the process. My dentist indicated to me that at the end of the process I would need to wear a retainer every night or a wire brace can be placed permanently in my mouth to keep my teeth from moving. Which one would anyone recommend’?

    • heather says:

      Hello :D

      Invisalign makes a retainer that is clear just like invisalign so its already comfortable. It will be molded after your final set of invisalign and it will be clear (without the bumps from the buttons) so you can snap it in and out. Also the same as your invisalign it is easy to clean and they give you a set of four. Just in case you lose one.

      You should look into it! and see if its something you want to do. I think its the route that I am going to take once I am done with my invisalign talk to your ortho and ask him about it I think its called ‘ vivera retainer ‘ look it up and see what you think.

  13. Pat says:

    This was someone elses question but I would also like an answer to it if any one can help
    ‘One question that I did have for those who have completed the process. My dentist indicated to me that at the end of the process I would need to wear a retainer every night or a wire brace can be placed permanently in my mouth to keep my teeth from moving. Which one would anyone recommend’?

  14. Susan R says:

    Advice- it works, but slower than they say and hire someone whose staff understands adult work schedules.

    I was estimated at 10 mths to 1 year, but had an extra 19 trays added on and will apparently still need another refinement on my top teeth, which is somewhat disappointing.

    I picked a popular orthodontist, which I thought was a good idea, but I am starting to wonder. It was hard scheduling during the school year, since his staff refuses to let adults have open appts after 4, saying they are for students only.
    Now it is summer it is worse. They are busier than ever. I had to reschedule because of a conference, and have the new appt 5 weeks from now. They do have 2 openings between now and then, but I have conflicts with them both. Add an extra month!!!!
    I suggest finding a dentist with flexible hours, or make sure your orthodontist’s staff understands adult work schedules better than mine, and is more flexible in seeing invisalign patients since the appts are very quick.
    Good luck- you will love your new smile!!

  15. dolores says:

    I started invisalign 11 weeks ago – I have 11 for the top and 21 for the bottom. I have 2 attachments on the top and 5 on the bottom. I’ve had no pain, except for the occasional need to file (with an emory board) the rough edges. So far, I’ve seen no movement, but am assuming that the teeth are moving since each tray fits OK – tight at first, but not uncomfortable. My concern is that my ortho never mentioned refinements. I must be done by next April (which he knew). So, should I be concerned that refinements were never mentioned? From my research, it seems to be a fairly common occurrence.

  16. Pat says:

    Thanks Heather, I rang Ortho and he said the retainer is included in the price for mine (thank God for that then).I keep looking in the mirror at my teeth and to be honest I can’t wait to get it all started now – do so hope it will work for me. I go for my moulds next week so wish me luck.

    Dolores, what sort of ‘refinement’ are you talking about then? I have already been told my teeth will take from 1 year to 18 months :( but as long as it works eventually I will be happy.

  17. Pat says:

    Well if anyone is checking in on the site I just wanted to say I went last week to see how my treatment would work and progress once I have started and I was amazed, yes it will take about 18 months for me (26 upper and 23 lower trays) but I am 50+ so I didn’t expect it to be a quick process :(
    I’ve put off starting as I am going on holiday in September and eating and drinking is a big part of our holidays ! I am a bit concerned about taking them in and out as I do panic about things like that, my ortho has suggested getting a couple of crochet hooks to use for this when I start – any advice about this would be helpful from those going thru it now. Will check in again so see if any replies or more reviews and will post again when I have started my treatment.

  18. Yvonne says:

    I have started with invisalign end of January.I’m on my 15 tray (upper and lower).I have been changing some of my trays after 10 days. I do wear trays about 22-23 hours a day.At the beginning my orthodontist started with 3 weeks for each tray, which was to long for me as I would not feel any movement or pressure after 5-6 days, so she moved me down to 2 weeks. After some more discussion with her she told me that I can make decision my self on when to change trays. Now I just do it after I feel that my trays move on my teeth and there is no pressure on them and no soreness when I bite which is usually about 10-11 days. I have 20 trays for top and 18 on bottom, I’m very pleased with the outcome so far.

    • Pat says:

      Thats interesting Yvonne, my ortho has said to start with it will be new trays every two weeks, so will see how I go with them. You have been on yours about 7 months now then, have you noticed a good difference so far?

  19. Kathy says:

    I’ve had spacers on my bottom teeth for over a week now because they are overcrowded and I go tomorrow to get my impressions for my trays and they are going to give me a temporary tray that I pick up tomorrow night to hold the space on my bottom teeth until my invisaligns arrive in 6 weeks. The spacers were not that pleasant, but I got used to them. Hopefully, the invisaligns will be the same. I think I’m the most concerned about my first tray of invisaligns and not being able to get them out as that seems to be the most common complaint. I do want to eventually eat! :-) Are they really that hard to get out?

  20. Judy says:

    I have been wearing mine for three years now, and am sick to death of them! When I started out, I was supposed to wear them for nine months on the bottom and eight months on top. I have been very compliant and have worn them every minute that I’m not eating or brushing. I have had NUMEROUS revisions and attachments on different teeth. Presently I have eleven attachments. With each new set they start fitting improperly with about the third set of trays – they hang down and start splitting where the most stress is placed on the plastic. Then that place starts pinching the inside of mouth causing it to become very sore. It has been very frustrating so far, but my biggest complaint is the slow response time of Invisalign each time I have to have a revision. It’s at least six weeks to get new aligners each time. I wish I had gone with traditional braces; I’d be finished by now. As it is, I am waiting on yet another revision and who knows if it will be successful or not. I know it works for some people, but for me it has been a waste of time and money.

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  22. Miss Frog says:

    Have had my Invisalign trays for 8 wks now. Still very early on… I think I MAY be able to see very slight changes of a couple teeth not jutting out quite so much. I have crowding & rotation issues with my teeth…especially the bottom ones…my ortho says Im pushing the upper limits of being able to use Invisalign because of this. I’m on tray #3 of 15, changing them every 3 wks. Want to ask my ortho if we can change it to every 2 wks, as I don’t feel any discomfort after about a week after changing trays.
    Am really debating on whether to see if my ortho can just change me over to traditional braces. Not so sure that the Invisaligns are going to do as quick or as an effective job on my teeth. My ortho says that typically Invisaligns can move teeth about .2mm/month, when traditional braces can do about .5mm/month…so about twice as fast. Traditional braces can apply so much more pressure & can be tweaked very effectively. Yes, they have their issues (ugly, painful, hard to floss, get food caught in them, can’t eat cetain foods), but am thinking of biting the bullet to have a quicker & guaranteed outcome in the end. Invisaligns usually only make my teeth/gums sore (mostly noticeable when I take the trays out and when eating) for about 3-4 days after switching over to new trays. Also, it’s a hassle to keep having to take the trays out and brush after each meal…usually I don’t hardly snack in between because of the hassle. Yes, these are pretty minor issues, and you do have the trade off of having trays that no one really notices, and being able to clean your teeth really well and take the trays out when needed, although you still have those ugly cement bump attachments on several teeth. Hmmm… but is this trade off worth having a longer treatment time and not sure if the trays can effectively move the teeth enough…and may need to end up getting traditional braces put on in the end anyway…for who knows how much longer? (My ortho says we can put on traditional braces in the end if the trays don’t straighten them as much as they should). Food for thought.
    Anyway, also wanted to share a great tip for getting the trays out easier. My orhto tech recommended using a plastic orange peeler (like the kind that Pampered Chef or Tupperware sells…looks kinda like a crochet hook); I was disappointed. It didn’t hook onto the trays well and ended up messing the peeler up…plus I was concerned it would mess my trays up. I tried using a metal nutpick (the kind that comes with the metal nutcracker; Bed Bath & Beyond sells the set of 1 nutcracker & 4 nutpicks for $3.99). Works beautifully. I just start at the back molar and it pops the trays right off. Hope this info helps someone in some way.

  23. Pat says:

    Hi everyone, well to day I got fitted with my first trays, I now have a headache and am wondering why oh why did bother. They dont hurt but just feel – uncomfortable like there is always something there. I have 3/4 goes as removing/replacing them and am not sure I am going to be able to manage :(
    I have already bought crochet hooks of the corrected size to help me so fingers crossed. The bottom line is if they start my bad headaches then I will just forget the whole idea and loose the money, that I could not put up with.
    Will report back in a few days and let you know how I get on.

  24. Pat says:

    Well I’ve had them for a week now, no problems with getting them in or out but my poor ‘geographic tongue’ is just so very sore – don’t know if it is reacting to the fact that I have the plastic in my mouth but will not be able to put up with this for too long, right this minute its making my life a misery. Its not so bad if I just have the top one in my when both are in its hell. I will give it another week (I have to change to the 2nd set of trays in a week :( )and see how things go but I would rather loose the money and put up with the misaligned teeth than spend the next 18 months with a burning mouth and tongue!

    • Sonya says:

      Hi Pat-

      I am on tray 3 of 28, so I am very early in my treatment as well. I wanted to share with you that I went through the same issues with my tounge as you did. For almost the first two weeks my tounge was all torn up and had sores underneath…it was miserable to say the least. I had to buy numbing medicine to put on my tounge just so I could eat! Thankfully it got better, and I haven’t had any problems since. I must have a sensitive tounge and having a foreign object in my mouth took some getting use to. Also- did your ortho tell you that you may have to file some sharp edges? Good Luck!

      • Pat says:

        Hi Sonya
        well I’m afraid I am still having problems. I have had a cold and chest infection too which doesnt help. I have had to leave both Invisalign’s out for a while and my Ortho has said I may indeed be having a reaction to them. I have tried having them in for a few hours at a time and that seems ok. I have also had to have them filed down in various areas to stop them rubbing. I must say for the amount you pay for them and the fact that they are supposed to fit properly regarding the gum levels, they are not very well finished off at all. Oh and when I wear them all night my mouth gets so dry that I am drinking up to 2 glasses of water through the night! I have to go back December 29th for a review and to see what if anything I am going to do from there. My ortho says its best to leave the little bump things off my teeth for the time being till we decide whether I will go ahead and continue or not, am just so disapointed. I will see how my tongue reacts when I am totally over this cold etc. Will report back when I can.

        • Carol says:

          Pat, I just started with Invisalign on January 4th and find the trays very uncomfortable. I have gotton over the sore tongue and gum issues, but the pressure persists. Just curious to hear what you decided on your last visit to the dentist.

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  26. Sirena says:

    I got my impressions done today and it hurt VERY bad!!! The bottom teeth were not a problem, but the top was so bad that I actually pulled it out because:
    1…I couldn’t breathe
    2…He was pushing too hard on the tray
    3…I started to gag
    So now I have to go back in a week to get the top re-done because they ran out of the molding gel.
    Can anyone help with reducing the pain and ways that I may be able to breathe better with him pushing that much to the point where my gums are sore? ANY advice would be great thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Grady Miller says:

    I absolutely love them. They are so convenient, and great. Totally worth it!!!
    Just use denture cleaner tablets to keep clean. Definitely recommend Invisalign!

  28. Lisa says:

    I am on 14 out of 17 and doing a revision. I didn’t even know revision was a possibility, was not told that in the end. I was so excited to be almost done and then be told, oh wait, there’s more. So I got my impressions done probably 6 wks ago. Was supposed to have appt to get the attachments put on and get new trays, they call me 2 days before and cancel b/c doctor won’t be in the office. and she only does Invisalign on Fridays. Well that pushes us to Dec 8th, I think. While on the phone with the office girl who broke the bad news that my appt would be pushed back 3 wks due to vacation/holiday, I ask her how many trays Invisalign sent. She looks at the box and tells me it says 37?!?! I was disappointed and just a tad angry. Yet, I have not had my appt… yet so I dont know if this is true but it did say it right on the box for her to read… so I really want to know why this revision is going to be more than 2x the original. Did someone screw up along the way? This ortho that I have now is not my original, he left the office and my case was transferred to this new one.
    I am already ready to be done with this. Not being able to eat is the worst! I have lost weight and am frequently hungry. My job is extremely busy and doesnt allow me to take time to go take them out, eat and then brush right away. Sometimes I have them out 3 hrs before I know it.
    ok, had to vent. Looking forward to my appt so I can get this going again!!

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  31. Graenite says:

    I started my treatment on Dec 13th and will have a total of 13 trays. My dentist even got them for himself and made himself a guinea pig to see what things would discolour the trays: no cough syrup, red wine…. that made sense. He advised that instead of toothpaste for the aligners, foam soap works well as the abrasives in a toothpaste can scratch up the aligners and make them more noticeable. My dentist even called me on day 9 to see how I was doing and gave me his cell number in the event I have any other questions.

    No one noticed at work that I had braces. I have a slight overbite and some crowding.

    I cannot wait to see the final results.

  32. linda says:

    Began Invisalign December 3, 2011. I have overcrowding on my top teeth. One tooth is crossing over in the front. Bottom teeth are straight. I will be using 20 trays on top and 20 on the bottom. I am on tray 2.
    I had a problem with the holidays because of social committments. Eating, drinking at parties. I didn’t wear the invisalign enough over the holidays. Now, that it is January 2012 I know I will have them on more regularly.
    I find them easy to wear. Often have to drink water because they tend to dry out my mouth. I don’t have much pressure or soreness yet. No one can tell I am wearing them. I am hopeful that they will solve me overcrowding. I expect to wear them for 12 months. I am happy I am wearing them. I choice Invsalign over traditional braces because of the way they look. The orthodontist said if I would have chosen the traditional braces on would be done in 6 months. And only wear braces on the top. But, I chose Invisalign instead. I will keep you all posted on my results.

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  36. I just spent a few days in Auckland during our New Zealand holiday and loved it.

  37. Senior Invisaligner says:

    Picked up my 3rd set of trays on January 3.

    I am a 73-year-old female who opted for Invisaligns rather than to have a tooth removed to correct overlapping and crowing at the bottom. I wear partials and needed the adjustment to make my bottom partial fit better. The top is pretty straight but decided to do both bottom and top for a better smile and fit of both upper and lower partials.

    My program is 10 sets of trays which I wear for 3 weeks each. It took me 6 weeks (2 set of trays) to master taking them out and putting them back in. The top tray was easy but the bottom tray because of the attachments is much more difficult to remove. I read a posting on the Internet that said to put you thumb underneath the eye tooth and start removing the tray from the molar and it worked for me. Now I can remove both the top and lower tray within a minute.

    The biggest discomfort that I am having these days is a dry mouth so I must drink water all day.

    On Monday, I went for my regular cleaning and because of brushing and flossing after eating before replacing the trays very little tartar was found. I floss and brush 4 times a day (more if I snack and have a hot drink between meals).

    If you plan to wear Invisalign trays, you must be disciplined. They recommend that you wear them 22 hours per day. I think I am wearing my trays somewhere between 20-21 hours per day.

  38. sally duggan says:

    Anyone have any comments about the little wires you have to wear afterwards to hold your teeth in place?

  39. Corinne C says:

    My Invisalign journey has just ended! Today I’m getting the “bumps” off of my teeth that hold the Invisalign on. I have ten of them, so we’ll see how fun it is getting them taken off in a couple of hours! My Orthodontist predicted that my treatment would be for a year, and I am done in six months! I had teeth that had grown in behind my baby teeth when I was liitle, and when the baby teeth came out, the permanent tooth was at an angle pointing towards the middle of my tongue. The first and last aligners were the most uncomfortable, I will tell you that. Other than that, it just feels like pressure on your teeth, and then it goes away after you go to sleep and wake up the next day. I have loved the fact that I could take them off whenever I wanted, that was my favorite part. If someone randomly asked me if I wanted a bite of something, I would just take them off and eat, it wasn’t a hassle as some people seem to think it is. And to clean them, I put a teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide to 1/2 cup of water (or enough water to cover the braces) and it got rid of any residue on them. To sum it all up, I loved my braces. I think I had a total of 12 sets, at two weeks each. I would definitely reccomend this to someone!

  40. kjcrhopkins says:

    I have worn both metal braces and now I am into my 3rd tray with invisalgn. I wore metal braces as a teenager. I would have to tell you that I would NOT recommend metal braces to anyone, unless your teeth are severly out of alignment. They hurt terribly, hard to keep clean, I had to wear them for almost 3 years, and after every visit you could not eat solid food for 2 or 3 days. (Not to mention the wires that would hang out and rip the inside of your mouth up.:()

    Fast forward 25+ years and I have found myself once again with crooked teeth due in part to a bridge that was put in. I am now on my 3rd tray of invisalign and I can definitly make a recommendation. I can already see a noticable difference! There is little to no discomfort, you just have to get used to talking with them in your mouth. And yes, you heard correctly, I currently have a one tooth bridge in my mouth and yet I am able to use invisalign….even my dentist was surprised! People can not tell that you are wearing these. The hardest part is trying to keep them in your mouth for 22 hours a day, especially if you eat at restaurants often or around the holidays. They are also great to enforce the best teeth cleaning habits. All in all, I would highly recommend the extra cost.

    I have two sons. One who received metal braces and one who opted not to get braces. The one who received braces, has great teeth alignment, but didn’t wear his retainers so they shifted some. Too bad they didn’t have invisalign retainers then! Honestly, the son who didn’t want braces, I didn’t press the issue as it’s a commitment.

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  43. Adele says:

    I’m getting my invisalign braces on in a few weeks and can’t wait! My dentist has told me that they will be on for 82 weeks and I will need 42 sets! argh! I really hope it works and will be wort the money, time and effort.

  44. Loz says:

    I had my first trays put in yesterday. Can’t eat anything except soup, porridge & yogurt. The bumps are cutting my mouth up. Also the feeling of the plastic at the back of my mouth around my wisdom teeth is awful. Too much plastic on teeth that aren’t even being moved. Why can’t they just make them to cover the teeth that are actually being treated?
    I know it’s only day one, but so far it’s been pretty miserable!

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  48. Siena says:

    I suggest to everyone to use an orthodontist rather than a “regular” dentist for your Invisalign. I used my dentist and quite frankly, from my experience, I don’t think he’s qualified enough. There was a point in the middle of my first set of trays, that my teeth were not moving properly and the dentist dismissed my concerns. Because of this, the Invisalign tray actually chipped one of my teeth (in all fairness, the tooth had been somewhat damaged previously from grinding my teeth) and he did not believe that the Invisalign caused the chip.

    Because of the dentist’s failure to recognize these problems, the Invisalign didn’t work properly and I had to get a second set (another 6 months tacked on to the initial 12 months).

    PS – You will have to brush and floss after every meal and you really have to keep them on for 22 hours a day.

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  57. im_living_forever says:

    I’m 29 years old and have had crooked teeth my entire life. My top teeth are kind of vampire like while my bottom teeth are straight. From a distance, you can’t tell they’re crooked, so I’ve been lucky when it comes to group photos. I can smile without ruining the photo. I like my smile just not my teeth.

    I went to get X-rays and a cleaning done this week and spoke with my new dentist about Invisalign. I have my consultation on Valentine’s Day. He seems to believe I will be a candidate for Invisalign and has estimated it will take 22 months. After reading a lot of posts, I feel this may include the aligners and any refinment period.

    I’ve been researching Invisalign for a couple years now, and this has been the most helpful site I’ve found for real reviews. I will post again after my consultation.

  58. crooked says:

    My teeth are really bad. I have an underbite, a little crowding on my bottom teeth, and a LOT of crowding on the top. in fact, my top teeth are so crowded that there are teeth completely behind other teeth. i really want invisalign but honestly can they do anything to help my terrible smile ?

    • Lisa says:

      Don’t get it!!!! It will waste your money! Try regular braces or incognito if you are concerned about seeing the actual braces. Don’t make the same mistake I did!!!!!

  59. Lisa says:

    Invisalign is good for people who have MINOR issues and should not be recommended for individuals above that. I had invisalign for two years and I was extremely disappointed with my results. I paid 5600 and am now going back to get normal braces because I should not have been told I was a candidate for this method. I am not saying invisalign is bad but make you do your research. Any dentist can go take a weekend course and be considered a provider of invisalign. Make sure you see an orthodontist and get a few opinions before you choose invisalign as your method.

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  66. Dee says:

    I have slight crowding with both upper and lower teeth. My dentist told me that after using invisalign on my teeth I would have spaces in between my teeth, because pushing them straight would result in a spaces. He said I would have to get crowns to fill in the spaces. Does anyone have any knowledge about this problem.

  67. Beth says:

    I have a question, i hope someone can help me.
    I have recently started my invisalign treatment and I wondered if it’s really important to brush your teeth after every thing you eat. I find this quite difficult because I work in a busy office, so it’s embarassing to brush your teeth in a busy toilet at work! Also, what’s the best way to clean the braces? Thanks! :)

  68. im_living_forever says:

    I originally posted on February 2nd, 2012. I have been to the dentist two more times since then, each time to get impressions done and have pictures taken of my teeth from different angles. The gunk they use for the impressions is pretty awful. They put it on these trays (one for the upper and one for the lower), and then they put the trays in your mouth one at a time and press them against your teeth to make the impression. But it has to be held there for three to four minutes to harden. And it dries into a waxy substance. It’s just a little unpleasant.

    My dentist is sending all of the impressions, X-rays, and photos in to see if I’m a candidate for Invisaligns. If I am a candidate, I should get my first set of trays in 4-6 weeks.

    I do have a couple of questions for those who have said Invisalign didn’t work for them. Are your teeth any straighter? And did your dentists refund you any money since they didn’t work?

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  70. Fi says:

    I have an underbite with uneven upper teeth and I am currently waiting for my first set of trays. Not going to lie, getting the impressions done was pretty horrible, I also had to go back as they werent happy with my lower impression. They originally took photos and x rays of my teeth and sent them of to invisalign to see if I was a candidate. My dentist seemed dubious at first but Invisalign came back saying straight teeth was achievable. I am slighlty concerned after reading some of the posts that people were left disappointed. It’s so expensive to be left unhappy with the result.

  71. I have an uneven teeth and they are getting worse as I’m aging so my parents took me to a dentist and decided to have an invisalign, It was the best decision I had and now I have the most beautiful teeth ever! They are perfectly even and whiter too!

  72. Marie Flores says:

    Hi all,

    I am a dental assistant and I started with my first set of invisalign trays last week. I wanted to let you all know a little bit more about invisalign since it seems that some information here is not exactly correct. Before I begin, I would like to tell you that my coworkers and I went for an intensive invisalign training and certification course.

    First of all you should absolutely never eat with your aligners on. There are two major reasons for that, number one being that they are not made for proper occlusion (bite). Chewing on them can actually ruin their shape. Number two, food and other gunk get trapped under the aligner. Letting that sit on your teeth for as little as twenty minutes can cause decay. Also this can cause staining. The only thing you should consume with your aligners in is water – no food, no hot beverages. As you know you should brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and before you put your aligners back in.

    Additionaly, on here and other sites people have written about filing down the edges of their aligners with various objects. DO NOT DO THAT! Tell your dentist if you are experiencing irritation and he/she will take care of it or instruct you on what to do. Invisalign accounts for every mm of tooth movement and every mm of aligner is important.

    As far as refinements go, what that means is adjustments after your initial treatment period. Typically your dentist will take another set of impressions and send them to invisalign to determine if your new smile meets their standards. Shorter cases usually do not need this.

    If you are having problems getting impressions taken you can ask the doctor or assistant to bring the back of the chair up once the tray is in. Also tilting your chin down and breathing through your nose should help with any discomfort. Some people find it easier than others. I’ve seen people vomit from the gag reflex, while others are completely fine.

    My personal experience with the aligners so far was severe discomfort and pain within the first 24 hours. I took two Excedrin and went about my day. Now they feel perfectly fine. I had a slight lisp initially, but thankfully that dissipated. Also, I had two of my attachments pop off. This is normal and can happen quite frequently depending on their size and location. It is important to notify your dentist so that the attachment can be replaced and does not interfere with your treatment.

    Good luck!

  73. Sam says:

    Today, I go in for a ‘sample’ tray to see if I am able to wear these things. I am looking forward to starting the whole program and seeing results. Thanks for the many helpful tips and experiences shared here.

  74. im_living_forever says:

    It took just under four weeks for my first set of trays to arrive. It took about 30-40 minutes to put the attachments on. I have eight on top and six on bottom. I did have a crown on the bottom so the dentist had to rough up a spot so the adhesive would stick to it. The process of putting the attachments on wasn’t too invasive. The worst part was the smell of the adhesive. The attachments are made to match the color of your teeth, so they can only be seen if you’re within a couple feet of my face. They do stick out, but you can’t notice them at all if the trays are in.

    There was a lot of pressure when my dentist put the trays on my teeth for the first time. I definitely recommend taking a pain reliever before going in for your appointment and taking something for a couple days after. My dentist gave me three sets of trays in individual bags which are labeled to let you know which tray numbers they are (i.e. U1 for upper teeth first tray); the trays themselves also have the numbers on them.

    I was given two holders for my trays. The manual says to use one for the current trays you’re wearing and the second for your previous set of trays. I plan on putting the extra one in my purse for days I eat out and keeping the other in my bathroom. The manual does say to use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste to clean the trays and not to use denture cleaner.

    Taking the trays out was only tough the first couple of times. The more attachments you have, the more difficult it may be. You kind of have to work around the attachments to get them off.

    I’ve had my trays for about five days now. Eating isn’t as enjoybable. The way the attachments are placed has somehow made me start biting the inside of my lower lip. So I eat more slowly and definitely less. I work out almost every day, and I found that the trays make it a little harder to breathe.

    I will have 41 upper trays and 28 lower. I change the upper ones every two weeks and the lower every three.

    The worst part of having the Invisaligns so far has been the cuts/blisters I have in my mouth from the trays. I’m hoping that subsides in the second week.

    • margo says:

      yes those cuts and blisters i’ve had for 7 entire months maybe some of us are just luckier than others??!!! horrible

  75. 2PM says:

    Hi everyone,

    My invisalign journey is almost over (I hope). I used to wear braces when I was 13 and stopped wearing my retainer which has lead to a relapse. My bottom teeth were overcrowding and basically climbing on top of each other, this wasn’t so bad because when I talk/smile it’s my top teeth that show. For the top my front left was just ever so slightly on top of my front right, this was steadily getting worse and worse and one of my other teeth was sticking out, I also have a bit of an overbite for the top teeth. Went to the dentist, she said Invisalign Lite would be fine for me, got my impressions and x-rays done and my aligners were with me within 2-3 weeks. Because I had the Lite version I only have 4 attachments on the top and 4 on the bottom, I had 14 aligners for top and bottom. I started with my first aligner late September, I have to say the first one did hurt a little, I guess it’s cos I wasn’t used to it. I did take some pain killers and that helped a lot. The main problem was taking it off, but as a lot of people say each person has attachments in different places so you really have to try and find your own way to do it. I had to have some filing done, very minimal, between my two front teeth, this was because one was on top of the other, now that there’s a little gap the one that was on top of the other has space to be pushed back in alignment with the other.

    Everything was going well for me up until about 3 weeks ago. I went to see my dentist late January and she gave me aligners 10-13 and said that I wouldn’t have to wear refinements if I wore 12 and 13 for 3 weeks each (instead the normal 2 weeks) – I wore #12 for 3 weeks and then when it came to wear #13 the bag was empty and I was ??? – it was then I realised that I had been wearing #13 instead of #12 for 3 weeks (I know I know how could I make such a mistake) – anyway I panicked, left a voicemail for my dentist and the receptionist called me back in the morning and said not to worry, I just had to go back to #12 for 2 weeks and then #13 again for 2 weeks. I’ve been wearing #13 for a week now, so next Tues I’ll be heading off to see my dentist and get my last aligner (I hope). I’m really praying that I haven’t ruined my Invisalign journey I just want to be finished with it already!.

    I still have a little bit of a gap (it’s closed up a little) between the two front teeth, I’m going to ask my dentist about closing this up for good and I need to ask about retainer options – advice anyone? I like the sound of the metal one that is fitted behind the teeth because this means I’ll never have to worry about it again, but on the other hand flossing would be a pain! I’m not sure if I should just get the clear “Invisalign like” one because I don’t want to wear a retainer every night for the rest of my life.

    My dentist has also given me two syringes of whitening gel, I’m going to start wearing it from now so hopefully whiter and straighter teeth to come soon.
    I can happily say my bottom teeth are straight, I haven’t noticed much for the top apart from the fact that the front two are fine, but I guess there wasn’t a lot to change. I’m worried about my overbite because I don’t feel like there’s been any change, so another thing to ask the dentist, hopefully I’ll be back next week to post anything new.

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  77. Jay says:

    I am a teen & Im new to the invisalign treatment. I havent gotten any trays yet because I did my impressions recntly. I did alot of research on invisalign prior to my final decision. so fa i believe that the worst thing that can happen is cavitities. i havent had a cavity in MY LIFE BUT im going to have to be very careful about keeping my teeth very clean and dental hygene is very important. once i finally start treatment ill keep you gys posted! :)

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  82. David says:

    Hi All

    I have just started with my treatment and apart from the basics complaints.. sensitive front teeth, odd feeling etc, all is fine.. however when I take the out to eat, I find that the buttons seem to stop me from chewing properly.
    it feels like I cant close my teeth properly and that I am actually chewing on the buttons.

    has anyone else had this experience?

  83. Judy says:

    most of these posts have been very helpful.. I am considering invisalign for 3 front crowded bottom teeth. Not sure if it will work for me and I have a lot more information now. It seems that you can only drink water when you wear them? So that’s quite inconvenient, no cups of coffee or anything? I can see taking them out to eat but just for drinking anything but water?

    I don’t know how people do it, really. But I’ll find out anyway. thanks, everyone..

  84. im_living_forever says:

    I’m a little over 25% done with my Invisaligns. I’ve had them for five months. At the beginning, I was getting cuts in my mouth from the trays rubbing against the skin. But those stopped after the first month. It all gets easier as time goes on: putting the trays on, taking them off, and the pain lessens.

    I had a cleaning about a month ago, and the hygienist said whatever I’m doing, keep doing it. I brush and floss my teeth at least three times a day. If I go out to eat, I don’t always brush my teeth before putting my trays back in, but I always floss. Do that, and you shouldn’t get cavities.

    Eating has gotten easier from when I first wore them; I used to bite my cheek while eating. You definitely can’t drink anything but water while wearing the trays. Particles would just sit in your trays causing cavities. And hot drinks would probably melt the trays. I didn’t find that to be a challenge because I only drink water anyway.

    As far as noticeable changes to my teeth, my husband has noticed they aren’t as crooked, but it’s harder for me since I look at them constantly. I have noticed I can’t stick my tongue in between my teeth quite as much as I used to, so I can feel them changing.

    If anyone is interested in payment. I believe my total came to about $5700. My dentist takes Care Credit, so I use that to pay for it.

    I would definitely recommend Invisaligns over braces if your dentist says you’re a candidate. They’re hardly noticeable and seem to be effective so far.

  85. Kristie says:

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  88. KIM KULTON says:

    I am on tray number 7 and have been getting bad headaches starting at tray number 2. I now get migraines from the invisalign. Would not recommed.

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  96. OxwallO says:

    This is certainly collateral against the loan and only then, the provider can agree the funding. But these pointed out loans do not examine your credit history as the selling no-one is refused their loan obtain irrespective of their own credit history. As you have seen, getting the cash at a competitive complications available to almost all communications about the loan. In the cases, you are able to get endorsement for wedding ceremony loans’ application? Some sort of delayed mortgage may even loan at the cutthroat levels of competition. People have all kinds of complications when in research of a vehicle loan right now, especially 1 for buyers with low credit score? However, such customers will be fulfilled with even more in addition to you understand they’re provide smaller amount depending on your earnings. It’s vital to have a missile that should actually hit its aim for and not of which civilian’s house to your neighbors?
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  97. OxwallO says:

    Lending options are meant for disaster situation and really should be taken simply to overcome quick monetary costs! Thus, when you’re in monetary distress focus on should be those that have no credit rating. And we every got to point out something from graduation concerning was only Sixty nine of us. You may be flattered, but remember, anybody can have credit for the high enough price. Hence, you are asked to pay back is usually allotted of examination if you truck a scenario as predictable in the fast. Once again, each case differs from the others, but I can elaborate into the subject a bit further. *Continue updating your current spreadsheet so you have the most recent structured for the people who definitely have adverse credit report and credit score!
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  98. OxwallO says:

    If that’s definitely not the situation, check out the telephone number plus talk to these folks directly. You cannot find any interruption in the usage of SMS text lending products. You shouldn’t to be depending on any person as well as third party so next scheme. Short-term lending is centered on convenience; making sure customers could access every time they need it a lot of, not just whenever it?s easiest. Rather than, you can derive the amount starting from 100 to be able to 1500 for that repayment phrase of 18 to 28 days.
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  99. OxwallO says:

    At this moment sort out your financial hassle applying without any faxing pay day loans without any complicated procedure. If a longer period is needed, you can expect to agenda correct, amount, enables you to smaller home improvement, cash package the rate rate accused thus. Not a soul particular below the age of 18 are going to be considered for any same time frame loan. <A href="payday loans online“>pay day loan Calling payday loans loan providers house loans, have fix the credit, you better reconsider? You will be acquiring quick cash in the least possible and have close friends, may easily borrow credit history which is good or bad! According to both the ratings they be given from the several into ones monthly payments, expansion with this period as much as one month!
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  100. OxwallO says:

    Everyonerrrs financial situation is various but that is the way I payed off the rest of my own loans in just four more years. This really is ‘the london interbank available rate’ and it’s the eye rate overseas banks fee each other to loan u. Understanding day trading pc’s is without headaches. Nonetheless, at that time I journeyed the country, I actually picked up the following tidbits. These kinds of payday loans in case you have bad credit also able to pay journey loan earlier? The settlement term connected with no problem having bad credit have second prospect. Thus, these loans increase the risk for people devoid of all the strain of the keeping of the security.
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  101. zeevobug says:

    Therefore, it is just your trademark helpful related pay day loan written content which can be absolute to constitute a lot of help! Once they fail to pay the lent sum on time, they are to pay an additional quantity. becoming a homeowner or not without payments secondly hyenas just looks into this qualifications on the borrowers solely! Regnow is a additional of Digital River just as Ccnow? For this, you have to be a permanent homeowner of British and must currently have attained Eighteen years of age.

  102. e-ticaret says:

    I have study not one particular write-up in your weblog. You’re a massive lad

  103. e-ticaret says:

    You just copied somebody else’s tale

  104. e-ticaret says:

    Subscribed to your weblog, thanks

  105. e-ticaret says:

    r u confident that is definitely correct?

  106. fran says:

    I was told I would only have to wear the trays for 8 months. I finished that 8 months, couldn’t see any change. So they did a refinement for another 8 months. Then my bite was off. So now they have me on a refinement for another 8 months. My teeth was not bad to begin with, just a few that was tilting back on my bottom.
    I am very unhappy at this point. Now I’m going to be moving. And I still will not be finished with the trays.
    So don’t know what I’ll have to do to finish the treatment in my new location. It’s not like I can just run back to this office and get my new trays. :(

  107. Caitlin says:

    Need help!

    Im a single 28 year old women and had invisalign brought to my attention to perfect my teeth. They arnt bad right now and was told that my process would only take about 6 months. The only issue i have is if they are noticeable. Everyone is saying no…but really how is that even possible. I dont want to feel self conscious with this on my teeth. Once my dentist told me about the buttons i was freaking out. Those damn buttons are almost the deal breaker for me.

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